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What is

Vote3D is an educational based company that is dedicated to displaying the nearby unlimited capabilities that 3D printers have to offer.

What does it cost to join

Zero. Joining our website is completely free!

What does becoming a member allow me to do?

By becoming a member of, you will have the ability to upload your own original 3D work which others will be able to view and rate. As well, you’ll be able to add friends and have conversations through the website, similar to any other social media platform. We have a messaging system, along with forum for communication.

Can I write for your blog or news section?

Yes! We are always looking for talented writers who may want to contribute news or other interesting articles to our website. If your are interested in being an author for contact us with a sample of your work.

What if I have something else interesting to contribute like a tutorial or cool resource?

Please contact us and we’d love to take a look! Anything added to our website will need to be first screened by our moderators and if approved we’ll let you know.

Can I advertise on your website?

Yes, please contact us for more details.




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