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“Monoprice 113860 Maker” – 3D Printer Review by VOTE3D

Vote3D Reviews the Monoprice 113860 Maker

VOTE3D.COM has just purchased it’s first 3D printer and we are quite impressed with it’s capabilities. For the price of just over $400CDN($300USD) from Amazon, this printer was quite a pleasant surprise. From our previous research, many of the sub $500 3D printers had reviews that were all over the place. The main concern we had was the assembly and calibration of the printer. With the Monoprice 113860 Maker, this was very basic and easy to do. The print platform is quite large, so small/medium scale 3D prints are easy to do. The parcel comes with sample filament and a few preloaded 3D images that you can test it with. Based on our experience, this is a great little starter printer for someone that wants to try out 3D printing! As well, there are lots of different choices for filaments, we bought 5 types of Amazon for $30CDN or less and each one was 1 kilogram.

Pros: Fair price, Easy to setup, Large printing platform,
Cons: Only supports old USB plugin and Micro SD for images,

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